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Matt Edwards
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Default Returning to competition

Quick background: I had hip surgery in January because of a severe labral tear due to FAI, I had to get the labrum anchored down for repair and my femoral neck shaved down or else it would keep causing serious damage. Surgeon told me I'd never hit a deep squat again which we all know is hogwash, I was able to sink painfree ATG within a week of being off crutches. Anyhow, 5 weeks ago I was allowed to start lifting heavy again, heavy being more than 50 pounds which was my limit for 4 months. Just yesterday I did singles in the back squat and hit my old 96% extremely easily so strength is back. I definitely want to return to competition and was curious about how I want to go about it.

BW 77kg
Snatch PR 89, current 80
CleanJerk PR 110, current 95
Back Squat PR 130, current 125

Strength has always been my limiting factor, obviously. The only comp-lift I truly struggle with is the clean, I have very long arms. For reference my best squat is 130 but my best deadlift is 222. This is what I've been doing:

Back squat 5 sets of 4-6 (Tendo unit set to >0.6 m/s)
- paired with 3 jumping/plyometric exercises
RDL 4 sets of 6
- paired with hip flexor prehab and a few upper body pulling exercises

Block Snatch volume
Block Clean + Split Jerk volume
Anti-extension + anti-lateral flexion core

Back squat w/ Chains 8 sets of 2 (Tendo unit set to >0.6 m/s)
RDL 4 sets of 4
- paired with hip flexor prehab and a few upper body pulling

heavy Snatch complex
heavy Clean + Jerk complex
Anti-extension + anti-lateral flexion core

Back Squat single + 5 sets of 2 (Tendo unit set to >0.35 m/s)
- paired with 3 jumping/plyometric jumping exercises
RDL 3 sets of 8
- paired with hip flexor prehab and a few upper body pulling

My focus obviously is on my squat strength and back strength. I'm curious if people think this could be a correct path given my circumstance, or if there are some blatant changes I should make such as more comp lifts. The reason I don't have more in right now is because I'm just focused on strength and letting the lifts come back on their own first.
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