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Helder Castro
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Default Off Season Programming

Competitive season has ended this month and i will only start training the lifts full-time again in September,so i have two full months to do other things.
I'm trying a high-frequency routine developed by a friend of mine,5 days a week,6 exercises(deadlift,squat,bench press,power clean,chin-ups and push press) but i'm wondering about the olympic lifts,i was planning to do something like:

a) Monday: clean & jerk: 1 to 5 singles
snatch: 10 singles 1mrest

Friday: Snatch 5-10 singles
Clean & Jerk 8x1 2m rest


B) Snatch/clean jerk singles+ snatch & Clean & jerk complexes

C) Working my weak points(speed under bar/weak jerk) with low volume/intensity

D) Any of the 8week routines posted at the program section but only performing the olympic lifts??

I think i need to keep it simple,i'm an old man(39).

Any suggestions??

Thank you all!!

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