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Beasty Boy
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Default Beasty Boy Training Log

I love calisthenics... I have a VERY! crappy Stamina 1690 power tower, pretty awesome Z-FO 60 lb Vest, 170lb SandBag, Spud Inc Dip Belt & a home made pull up bar... also an Olympic Barbell that I keep on the floor that I use for squats and overhead pressing.. The barbell is actually 41lbs but I usually throw two 2.5lb plates on it to make up the difference... I don't have a squat rack. On squats I usually wear my 60lb vest for weight combinations to make up for any lost weight that I cant get overhead... My max overhead press so far is 180 x 2 & 190 x 1... I plan to break a BW overhead press for triples or nickles by the end of the year... I weigh 185-190lbs... Ive been training since I 2001 but didnt get serious until early April 2012... I usually bang out every M W F... I'm not really worried about becoming an elite squatter... but Id love to become an elite Military Presser... any advice is greatly appreciated. I would really love to learn more about 5/3/1. I still don't understand it... My other training log can be found at the link below


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