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Max Bernosky
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Default 225lb snatch fails - form help request

I know my arms are bending (they are long), but I am still getting to the power position with my feet flat on the floor. I am finishing my pull nice and tall and I don't think I am rainbowing the bar at all. I think it is traveling straight up. I am losing the weight forward. but feel as if I should be sticking this easy. It doesn't feel heavy.

This would be a 10lb PR.

any tips?

is my speed under the bar just shit? or is my set up / bar path into the 2nd - 3rd pull shit?

I find with the arm bend thing, If i grab collar to collar it hits me in the belly button in the power position. but where I am grabbing now my arms some how bend super lots to get to the hips. Is my upper back too loose or something on the pull?

I don't even know where to begin with this one.

do i need to simply get this arm bend stuff sorted out so i can have more power on the pull, get it higher, and have more time to get under it?

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