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Matt Reiland
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Default Goal Setting Philosophy

As someone who works in finance for a living, I have encountered "Investment Policy Statements". The idea being that if someone writes down what their investment goals are and how they are going to achieve them in the form of an Investment Policy Statment, they will be more likely to stay the course and not make bad decisions during market hiccups.

Translating that idea to the topic of this forum, I don't have any written or defined fitness goals. I took about a 2 year hiatus from working out, and have started up again for the last 6 months. Now that I have made it a habit and a planned part of my week, I feel like I should be able to set some concrete goals rather than just "program hopping" or doing the random CF WODs I did years ago.

Given that idea, I did a forum search and couldn't find too much detail regarding these questions (please post links to other discussions if I missed something):

-Does anyone have formal, written fitness goals and a plan to achieve them? If so, would you be willing to share those goals here?

-How do you even set goals? Do you start in the short-term (let's say 6 months), and then long-term (3-5 years or so)? Or do you start with your desired end state in the long-term, set some intermediate milestones, and then make short-term goals that put you on track to meet those milestones?

-If you have conflicting goals for the long term (for example, lose 20lbs, increase strength, and improve conditioning), do you focus on one at a time, or try to do all at once? If it is possible to pursue multiple goals at once, how much overlap is acceptable? If the answer is to focus on one at a time, how would you prioritize in the weight loss/strength/conditioning example? Focus on the strength goals first, then conditioning, and let the weight loss hash itself out as the other two goals are met? Or is it a personal decision and the order doesn't matter?

-What is a reasonable method to quantify goals? Is it enough to say "increase C&J by 15% in 6 months", or is there some science behind it that might tell a person with a specific max C&J that they should be able to increase by x% in a given time with a disciplined program?

I would appreciate everyone's thoughts on goals and goal setting. It would help me get a start on my own that I'd like to work through over the next few weeks. I think it will help me stay focused and will be fun achieving goals.
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