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Chad Lammert
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Default Week 4 - recovery week

I was really happy to see recovery week. Leading up to this week, my back has been sore and my hamstrings have been very tight. This week I dropped a lot of the accessory movements, including drop sets on the squats, and increased my attention to mobility. Going forward into next week, I'm going to spend 10-15 minutes each morning doing some lower body mobility movements and see how the rest of the week plays out.

A few PRs this week:
On Monday, after my heavy single, I went for 165-3 from the hang below the knee. I only did it because I was feeling good and someone in the gym had done it a little earlier--just wanted to see if I could. It was a PR.
On thursday, I hit a power snatch double PR at 150, and the clean/push press complex was a PR too at 165 (this was only because I have never done this complex before--automatic pr)

Highs/lows for the week:
Snatch: 181.5/170
CJ: 215/205 (I really hate to see the 215 and 205 here, and the 170 above)
FS: 255/255
BS: 315/0 (skipped BS on Saturday's workout--the other low was 305)

Looking forward to and a little anxious about next week. I'm not sure if I've been adapting to this program the way it has been intended, but I'll just keep showing up and doing what I can. In two weeks I'll be attending a cal strength seminar in Chicago and I'm hoping to learn a lot to bring back to the gym.
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