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Brandon Enos
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Default Not sure if I should try an olympic program

So I would say that 99.9% of my experience with the olympic lifts would be the power varieties. I wanted to try my hand at an olympic lifting cycle after my deload next week. Maybe at least the Catalyst beginner program.

I video taped myself doing the snatch and the clean today at the gym. I'm having trouble uploading them at the moment. I think my biggest problem with them is the bottom position. With the snatch, I THINK I may be getting down low enough, but the weight is very low because my overhead squat is weak. On the clean, I'm definitely catching it to high...which I don't get because I was lifting much less than both my power clean and my front squat.

I don't have access to a coach at the moment. I'm thinking a program with the full olympic lifts might be out. Maybe just a strength program with the power and front and overhead squats worked in? Maybe some technique work on the off days?

I'll try to get the videos uploaded if my phone and computer decide to cooperate.

Also, what do you think of this template? Glenn Pendlay spoke of it on a T-Nation interview a couple years ago. "My favorite split is squatting and pressing on Monday and Thursday. Then, on Tuesday and Saturday, we pull. That includes variations of the snatch and clean, as well as pull-ups and rows." I'm not sure of the exact layout, but I figured it looks more interesting than the basic upper/lower split or 5/3/1 (though I "technically" don't do 5/3/1 because I both dislike benching and it irritates my shoulder..but pushups and even weighted dips don't).

It may be moot, not sure if I'll have the time to do 4 days a week. I'll have to wait and see what my commute looks like on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the semester starts.
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