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Dan Appert
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Default Advice for beginner weightlifter

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum, and weightlifting in general, and I have a question about developing my squat, so here is a quick(ish) introduction to me and my problem.

I have never been athletic and after ACL surgery I have been slowly building my strength up from total atrophy. Kettlebells have been my primary training the last few months until I saw a youtube video of some barbell snatches and became obsessed with Olympic weightlifting. I started a training log august first and my focus has shifted to perfecting my deep squat form. Using drills, exercises and stretches I've found through Greg Everett, Glenn Pendlay, Dan John, and even Pavel, I can now get all the way into the hole with no pain (in July my patella and tibia would grind upon squatting to any depth). I bought a barbell and started front squatting and overhead squatting with very light weight. My depth is solid and since buying oly shoes my posture is better, but when I watch videos my back still rounds and my pelvis still tucks at the very bottom.

All though almost all the of information I can find on the internet suggests that ankle/hip flexibility is the issue I am beginning to suspect the problem is less about flexibility and more about strength and stability (my flexibility has gotten pretty good). I have been diligent with all the common squat drills and stretches and they have provided me huge gains in mobility. However I think I am lacking posterior core strength. I just don't know if I am utilizing my spinal erectors. I want to incorporate back extensions but I don't have access to the proper equipment. Will weighted good mornings be a sufficient substitute in conjunction with the posterior chain work I'm all ready doing (single leg RDL, snatch/clean grip deadlifts, Cal strength death march)? I'm going to continue with my daily squat drills and stretches (barbell on knees in bottom of squat, goblet squats, lots of hip stretches, ect) but I'm looking for any pieces of the puzzle I might be missing.

Thanks and sorry if I bored anyone off the forum with my long story.
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