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Elliott Denney
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Default Cycle Squatting Question

So recently I finished out the basic rep cycle, and I loved it. My snatch went from hitting 165#(my old pr) only if the tides were right to hitting a very solid 185. Plus, just this week I did a complex with 160 that was 3 hi-pulls+hi-hang snatch+snatch balance. Nevertheless, my clean hasn't really gone up a lot, and I think this is simply due to my squat. Right now, my back squat is only 285#, and my front squat is ~250-260. My max clean as of now is 225.

I'm about to start the 6 week strength cycle from July '09, and I'm wondering about the squatting. I think I've made the mistake in the past of working off of percentages and not really challenging myself as much as I should to push my squat up. For example, I am supposed to do 75%x4x5 (215#) when I start the cycle, but Monday I went in and did 235#x5x5, so I know that the prescribed weight will be pretty easy.

So my question is would it totally mess the cycle plan up if I took more of a "by feel" approach to the squatting? I've also considered just incorporating a TM approach because that would not deviate too much from the cycle (M:5x5 instead of 4x5 and heavier, W:still 3x5 FS but heavier, S: either 1rm or 5rm). Thoughts?

(Sorry for the long post)
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