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Tamara Reynolds
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So far, for me and my lifters, a dynamic start is a personal preference AND I only let people experiment with it once they are solid with the basics.

In reality, this means that I only have a few lifters who do it at all. I've never actually suggested it to anyone. A few of my more advanced lifters have adopted a dynamic start as part of their personal routine. I just switched my snatch to a dynamic start because I completely changed my start position, but working with a dynamic start on the clean feels screwed up.

In my experience, one of the most common problems that beginners have is letting the bar get too far away from them. I want people to get very good at pulling super slow off the floor, and adding a dynamic start just incorporates one more element that they can screw up - and it probably adds ZERO kilos or confidence to the lifts of a beginner.
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Andrew Kerwin
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I can agree with that.

For awhile on my cleans at least I would just set my shoulder blades back and down and then go.

Snatching I was always kind of a dynamic starter (I've never had a coach), so I just kept with it. However, how I do it has changed a few times over the course of my lifting.

True to fashion in regards to experimenting and learning I now set up from the top down for a clean instead of the bottom up, though I am still incorporating a dynamic start (I'll eventually post more videos). It has been helping me to engage my hams and by putting my shoulder blades back and down (like I used to) I can keep my arms straight for the entire start. I like where it's going though I think it needs a little tweaking yet.

As far as kilos I don't think it will do much either, however if an athlete is drawn to it and is capable of doing it on either lift I wouldn't see a problem with it. From my experience it gives me tons more confidence then just sitting in a static start position and at this point I would probably feel almost lost without doing it. Don't hold me to that though because that could always change haha.
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