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Ryan Dritlein
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Default explain what 3 (1+1) means in the clean segment pull

Can anyone answer this question in relation to the clean/snatch segment pull? 3 (1+1) in the classic lift position/technique program?

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Matt Bravman
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Like as found here?: http://www.catalystathletics.com/wor...workoutID=1394

My understanding is you do one segment pull with the stops at the described positions, and then one full snatch pull. (1+1)x2x3 would be two "reps" of 1+1 per set for three sets. So a set would be: segment+full, segment+full, rest.
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Blake Barnes
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Yes, whenever there are two exercises that are done within the same set it will read: "1st exercise + 2nd exercise - (# of reps for 1st exercise + # of reps for 2nd exercise).

If it reads "3(1+1)" then you will do the "(1+1)" 3x per set. Basically alternate the 1st and 2nd exercise 3x.
Blake Barnes
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