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Florian Weber
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Also struggling with sizing a bit. Got the Adidas Power Perfect 2.0, 1/2 inch space in the front, generally fell good. But have a slight heel slip when weight is on the front of the foot. Just enough to be a bit irritating when walking out squatting.

Now got half a size smaller, only a 2 or 3 mm space in the front, no heel slip. But it big toes press a bit against the side of the shoe. Isn't painful or incredibly irritating, but I notice it compared to other shoes I'm wearing.

What would you guys do? Keep them if it they are not painfully tight and let them stretch out? Try another model like the adipowers?
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Blake Barnes
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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Generally get them a bit snugger than a normal shoe - they'll stretch with use and you don't want to slide in them at all.
They'll be fine. The leather will stretch.
Blake Barnes
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