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Chad Gibbons
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Default Dynamic entry question

Hey everyone, so I have a couple questions about the dynamic entry. I've read Greg's book but have a few more questions about the dynamic entry and wouldn't mind hearing a few opinions. In everyone's opinion, is one of the entries superior to the other? Does one create more tension in the muscles than the other? In the hips down dynamic entry position, when you initiate the first pull are your hips rising into their correct pulling position before the bar separates from the floor, or should the bar be beginning to separate from the ground as your hips are moving into their pulling position? Personally I have been entering my starting position from the top down, I'm also wondering if one entry is better for a beginning/intermediate lifter (more-so beginner), as it would seem to me that with the hips down position it would be easier for the lifter to have a tendency to stripper pull, especially at heavier loads. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I love learning about the lifts and am always looking for more thoughts and advice to use and try out.
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