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Alex Hall
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Default Technique & Conditioning Cycle

Hello All,

I started Weightlifting in January of this year. I have been strength training for about 10 years now, but with little to no work on the olympic lifts.

I started with Dan John's Neophyte program for awhile, and my recovery was fine because my technique was severely limiting my lifts. Today I start week 3 of the starter program here, and I'm also about 15% of the way through Greg's book.

I do not have a coach available right now, but am moving to Berkeley this fall to start my PhD. My hope is to be able to find a coach on campus. If not, I may be making some trips out to Catalyst.

My best lifts at a bodyweight right around 94kg are:

Snatch: 75kg x 1 x 6 (singles for six sets)

Clean and Jerk 100kg x 1

Front Squat 143kg x 1

Right now, my limiting factors are technique and conditioning. Is there a cycle either on this site or in the book that would be a good follow up to the starter program considering my weaknesses?

I struggle with strength by feel cycles because I tend to try for too much weight and end up either failing completely or succeeding with yucky form.

Thanks to everyone here for the fantastic site. I look forward to many years of weightlifting. I wish I'd found this stuff ten years ago.

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