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Trevor Skaaning
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Default Hip Contact Pain / Finding Change

Hey guys, I three questions that I'd like to put out there so here it goes. It might get lengthy so I appreciate the time.

The first being hip pain when making contact with the bar. I been searching the internet for the topic of hip contact pain with the snatch (aka banging the bar). I've had a chance too look at a lot of Jon North videos and he preaches that bang and catch mentality. After having a chance to view some of those videos and putting them into play I've noticed that my lifts have been improving, but my hips are bearing the brunt of it. I remember when I use to do MMA my shins would kill after heavy bag work, but after a couple of months I couldn't feel a thing (got use to it), will this happen?

Second I still have consistency trouble with making contact with the bar and finding that change sound a lot of lifters make when they make contact with the bar. What would be some good warmup drills I could do for this to cement proper technique? I have been told that you can hear a good lift, and I still struggle with this. I've always equated this problem to me having long limbs and not able hit the right positions.

I threw in some youtube videos just to show you guys what level I'm at and I'm open to any criticism, thanks again.



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Blake Barnes
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The bar should absolutely make contact with the bar but I don't see it necessary to "bang" the bar. I'm not knocking Jon North's technique or how he teaches it but there are ways to Snatch a lot of weight without taking the pain. The emphasis should be put on leg and hip extension together rather than hips forward into the bar. That is elevating the bar rather than pushing the bar out away from your body.

In your videos, the bar is too far out away from you body when you go to extend. And since you're extension is pushing your hips forward, the contact is extremely excessive and putting too much horizontal force against the bar which is causing it to swing out away from you.

Greg wrote a great article on the specifics of how the bar should contact the body in the extension. The bar should be as close to the thighs as possible on the way up (1st Pull) without dragging on the thighs so that, on the extension, the contact is just as effective without that intense pain.

The things I would focus on is keeping the bar closer on the 1st Pull and think about driving upward with the legs rather than relying only on banging the bar with your hips.

Some drills:
-Snatch DL
-Halting Snatch DL
-Block Snatch Pull (focus on pushing the bar into your hips and driving upward with the legs to initiate the extension)
Blake Barnes
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Trevor Skaaning
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Awesome, thanks for the tips! I'll put that into play in my next couple of training sessions and let you know.
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