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Kristoffer Johansen
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Talking Snatch and C&J Critique for newbie

Hi. I am a beginner at Olympic weightlifting, and I'm in the fifth week of the starter program (extended it by a week for various reasons), and i feel like I'm finally ready to get some feedback on my technique in the C&J and Snatch, as i don't have any nearby competent weightlifting coaches. For now I've been studying the techniques from the vids on this site and some additional YouTube stuff.

Here are the link to the Vids:


The Snatch is my current PR of 50 kg


The C&J is executed at 75 kg, approximately at 93-94 % of my 1RM (80 kg)

The Snatch: I feel like my bottom position is weak and I'm not able to catch it bellow parallel very often. My Power Snatch is still 5 Kg's higher then my Snatch.

The C&J: My Clean feels alright, and my Jerk feels terrible. my split position is weak and my elbows are very soft Actually my power Jerk feels just as strong as my split Jerk.

Really looking forward for some feedback!
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