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Steve Shafley
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Default The Box Squat

Hey, Pierre, do you remember me talking about this at Doug's?

The new article in the PMenu isn't a bad introduction to it. I've got some more shit to say about it, since I've done a significant amount of box squatting, including some very heavy, banded box squats.

My personal experience with the box squat is that it's an exceptional lift to include in a S&C program. It doesn't replace the regular squat forever, but it can be dropped in for a while. There is a significant amount of material written about this lift by Louie Simmons and Dave Tate, and video on YouTube can be found easily.

Ricardo Costa talks about George Frenn in his article. Since American Powerlift Evolution seems defunct now (and I didn't save it via HTTrack for some reason, damn it!), I'd like to present what I remember George Frenn's basic workout was.

Power cleans
Box squats
Good mornings

As you see, you got it covered with explosive work and heavy leg and posterior chain work.

The Culver City folks used a "high box, low box" kind of routine for their squatting as well, with big, overloaded weights being used on higher boxes and then box squatting to lower boxes to build the beginning of the lift. Not a bad program.
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