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Yael Grauer
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Default loading/unloading 101

Okay, so help me out here. What are these systems of loading/unloading that everyone knows about but me? I always thought it was 3 nadds-to-the-windshield weeks followed by one half-week and then a week off every 12th week. Or like in other programs every 5th week seems to be the down week.

Also my old workout log I used to keep, you would number all your workouts in terms of intensity from 1-5, and it said to "shoot for a healthy range of numbers." What is a healthy range of numbers? And if you don't show symptoms of overtraining, how do you know if you are?

Lastly, with my stupid !@#@#$ injury, my problem is that it will feel completely fine, and I'll work out pretty hard and it'll STILL feel fine, but then after I lift some weights it'll start hurting an hour later or the next day. So how the heck am I supposed to guage when it is okay again? My chiropractor told me I was okay to lift anything I want (he told me to limit the rowing) and I'll double-check on that in a few days, but he also told me I'll need to keep coming back forever, so I'm more interested in something I can incorporate on my own.
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