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Paul Kayley
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Default Thoughts on the optimal training protocol for maximising aerobic base?

A) Train like the Kenyans - as many as 14 sessions per week of slightly-sub-threshold work

B) As per Morris - blocked days of high intensity intervals interspersed with blocked days of recovery


C) Traditional - do tonnes of volume and hope for the best

At a peripheral level, the aim I would say is to maximise aerobic muscle fiber charateristics, maximising the mitochondrial reticulum and capillarisation in as many muscle fibers as possible.

A) - relatively subtle, consistent and highly repetative stimulation of the higher end fibers

B) - more aggressive, stimulating more of the anaerobic fibers, but less consistent

C) - blooby boring and relies upon long and exhaustive training to force the involvement of the higher end fibers
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