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Dave Van Skike
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Default Ladders, no muss no fuss

I lift at lunch a couple days a week with a female olympic lifter (she weighs about 135-140) , she lifted in college and does a little for fun now at what was until recently Crossfit North.

About a month ago, she talked about wanting to get her back squat up. At that time she was back squatting 80k. We started doing ladders, she did them three days a week, 1,2,3 three progreessions or "rungs" total. added weight when she got all 3 rungs of the ladder (18 reps)

She started out with 70k. One month, three days a week and Oly lifting on Saturday. Now four weeks later she did two rungs (1,2,3) with 80 K (her old max from college I think) She says her second pull is getting way faster....
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