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Josh Petersen
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June 11: Garage workout-Strength

Warmup: 3 rds 15XPVC front squat-8X pullup-8X knees to elbows-8X ring pushups (feet level with hands).

6X5 front squats at 95# (could have gone heavier, but still feel like I need to ramp it up slowly).
Form felt good, in general, felt really strong, and like I can do more. Looking forward to the next sesh like this.

6X5 push press at 95#
These felt heavy, and caused me to really work hard, but was able to get through them all with no broken sets or misses. The abs were on fire during these.

Today is going to be a rest day. Besides feeling a little run down and in need, the schedule for today is ridiculous. Good day to take off.
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