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Mike ODonnell
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Giving another bump to this thread cause it is such a good one.....Walshy hit on it and reminded me about it....

Of course I am not really trying to be an athlete professionally...but rather want to make life more simple and enjoyable....to that I am now changing my routine up for:
- IF every day (eat 1pm-7pm..have a Guinness here and there)
- Sat eat whatever I want
- Gym workout 2x a week (1hr each)....Mon, Thurs....compound movements 5x5, 3x10
- Eat a ton (esp protein) during my feeding hours
- Only use Whey/BCAA for post workout days
- No set schedule but bike, play ice hockey, trail/track run....whenever I feel like it...
- (Since I am in a gym everyday) Do some heavy single lifts here and there....add some bodyweight GPP whenever....

Again...only a scheduled 2x a week workout..maybe one week is only 1x...but other than that all the other GPP is just fun and whenever....some weeks may do more...some maybe not....gives the variety and lifestyle I am looking for....in 1 month have made great gains not even trying....and stressing IF and plenty of recovery for long term health....
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