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Troy Archie
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Default Veggies

I hate inane anul questions. I hate asking inane anul questions even more but here I go.

I've been following the principle of food combining keeping meals Protein/fat/veggies or Protein/carbs/veggies and have had good results but I'm left wondering, what counts as a "veggie" and what counts as a carb? My mindset has been that if it's "green and/or leafy" (spinach, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower...) it's a "veggie". If it's a starchy veggie (yams, sweet potatoes, squash) it's a "carb". Should I count the veggies as part of my "carb" intake or just eat them to my merry well content?

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Scotty Hagnas
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I personally count the veggies as carbs, but I always eat as much of them as I wish. I shoot for ~1/2 lb per meal.

Scotty Hagnas
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Garrett Smith
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My only food combining rule is not to combine significant amounts of sugars (starches or simple sugars) with high amounts of protein.

I don't count any non-starchy vegetables as "carbs/sugars" at all. Eat all of them you wish, combined with nearly anything else.
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