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Nick Cummings
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Default Starting the PM Mass Gain Program

I'm starting the PM MGP as outlined in the issue tomorrow. I am eating Zone with 5xfat and a postworkout meal including grape juice, creatine, and whey. I am considering adding BCAA to that. My daily consumption usually totals 5000kcal but once every two weeks or so they fall short and end up near 3600-3800kcal for a day.

I am 6'3" and weighed 194lbs this morning prior to eating. My body weight goal is 215. I plan to have reached this weight by May 4, 2007. This gives me 21 weeks which would be enough time to run three cycles of this program or adjust after having completed the first seven weeks. Body composition is currently a nonissue as my gym calipers me at 8% although I suspect I am closer to 10%.

My current maxes in lifts relevent to the program include: Clean 215lbs, Strict Press 155lbs, and Weighted Chin 70lbs. I plan to update this post at least every two weeks and welcome any comments/criticism.
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