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Matt Cricchio
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Default Another day at it

Fasting period: 6pm-6pm, 24 hours. My first 24. It wasn't so bad.

20 minute run. Ran faster than run 6. I got about 3 miles in. I was feeling strong on this one.

500m CSS: 11:56
3 minute rest
500 m CSS with fins: 10:58
3X100m Breast Stroke sprints, rest :30 seconds between each sprint
4X50m Breast Stroke sprints, rest :15 seconds between each sprint.

I did my first 500m 22 hours into a fast, as well as alternating my strong side with my weak side. I know I can do 500m faster. I'm satisfied with my progress thus far. Kicking with the fins on the second 500m made my more hypoxic than without.

1-14 ladder, pull-upsX1, push-upsX2, sit-upsX3. 39:35

High volume ladders like this have made my max sit-ups in 2 minutes go up by over 30. I got 91 in two minutes the other day. Max effort (in the sense I do as many as I can to failure) have increased my pull-up numbers. Big sets of push-ups, like 6X35, improve push-ups. I'm not sure why. I am going to try to figure out some sort of plan for my next cycle to incorporate all of these elements.
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