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Brad Hirakawa
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Default Powerful Video

This is some footage of me in the earlier years (hence the different haircut and pre-surgery facial appearance). A bystander just happened to be filming when a vicious mullet maniac ambushed me. You will notice the heavy BJJ influence in my technique, even back then. Pay particular attention to they way my movements emphasize the importance of realistic training, getting off the line, blocking knives with crescent kicks and getting that shirt off right away when you’re suddenly attacked. For the experienced viewer, you may notice my subtle use of the kia and delicate vocal intimidation tactics.

Please, do not show this to anyone outside this forum. I would hate for anyone to learn that such a gentle soul (me) could ever be so vicious.

Thank you,




ps. I really didn't need that chick's help, I could have taken him. But I wasn't reading the performance menu back then and in all honesty I was beginning to wear out.
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