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Originally Posted by Pierre Auge View Post
Hockey is a terrible example of this because as the injury ratios go up in the sport S&C coaches are getting further and further away from efficacious training. And because of this the injury ratios climb... It's a vicious circle.

A good coach shouldn't stand on competent athletes a good coach should produce competent athletes. If an athlete can't perform an exercise safely its the coaches problem. If the athlete trains themself and can't perform safely then its their own. Hockey is the worst sport on the planet when it comes to S&C coaches knowing the needs of their players. Mainly because none of them have played the damn sport and don't understand the risks!
As a hockey player my whole life and knowing some S&C coaches to pro teams I can honestly say that is not true. I have an offseason program from an NHL team that specifically has Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Squats built in and programmed anywhere from sets of 3 to 8. Because NO ONE has the transcript to what Boyle actually said, it's pure guess work to know what his intention or message truely is on high rep OLY lifting. Mike Boyle is a smart man and produces pro level hockey players, that's his job to do that. You see plenty of pro athletes working with the likes of Mark V (Core Performance), Juan Carlos Santana, Mike Boyle, etc....all who you know are using OLY movements in their training periodization (along with other specific training just for the needs of the sport).

Remember to, if you are a S&C coach...and you do things that hurt athletes in the offseason then you are not going to be in business long. Doing a clean/DL with 85% max 21 times will lead to bad form as fatigue sets in. If you don't believe me you can read the Xfit message boards and see all the people talking about back, shoulder, knee, wrist pain etc. Do that to an athlete just once and you are fired as a S&C coach. Pro athletes also do 2 hours of sprints on ice, track work and other things....so conditioning with high rep OLY lifts is not needed and will actually take away from their other training. Those lifts are meant for low reps and power in that kind of sports program. They get plenty of other conditioning work in later.

Poliquin also calls out the Westside guys and says "box squats are useless"....but that's the nature of this business, everyone has their own philosophy...you just can't expect yours to be the only right answer out there.

Boyle probably has no idea there is this huge debate going on. He may not even know what CF is. I would love to see him invited here to comment, I think he deserves his say before the hanging at the town internet square. Something tells me though I may end agreeing with Boyle on this subject.
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