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Brian Shanks
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Default Greens or Veggie Supplement

Was doing some looking into some of the veggie supplement products out there. I want to ensure I am getting enough veggies, but also want something that I can push on the wife and kids to ensure they are getting enough.
I have looked at GNC Maximum Green UltraMega Green, Greens Plus, and a couple of others. What I have noticed is alot of the powders will have soy or fermented soy, or beans or other things I am trying to avoid.

Any body use any of the greens supplements out there? If so what did you find.

I know most of you don't have problems eating your veggies, and I generally don't, but I know my kids don't eat like me and there are times when I am not on my game plan and don't get my veggies cleaned and cut on time.

Any help would be appreciated.


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