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Neal Winkler
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Default Day Vs. Night Feast

Rob, Arthur De Vany and yourself are fond of the 15 hour fast in which the fasting period takes place from 6pm to 9am (is this correct?). According to Dr. De Vany (http://www.arthurdevany.com/archives.../too_much.html) stopping eating 3 hours before bed this creates a greater GH response which improves repair. However, Anthony Colpo referenced a study in which women lost more fat and kept more muscle mass by eating the majority of their calories at night (http://www.theomnivore.com/Straight%...box%2014.html).

Furthermore, consuming carbohydrates clears amino acids from the blood stream which compete with tryptophan (http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/T042400.asp). So, one would assume that getting this effect would be the most beneficial right before going to bed.

Withg the above considered, and the fact that eating at night would better mimic the ancestral pattern, do you think that a fast which ends later than 9am, say 1pm to 10pm for the feasting period in the 15 hour or 4pm to 10pm in an 18 hour, be more beneficial? Especially if you waited to consume most of the days carbs in your last meal?

Basically, I was wondering if the 6pm to 9am fast was what you and Dr. De Vany do because it works best with your schedules, or if there is a different advantage to it.

By the way, I love the Performance Menu! :-)
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