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Pierre Auge
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I'm no scientist (yet) but all of my observations have told me that this cycling back and forth between working fresh and fatigued is quite successful at improving work capacity. Biggest observation - lifting heavy after Helen sucks ass!

My rational when I started cycling the lifting later in the day post WOD was that most of my people (those who were doing this, as well as myself) were noticing a second wind effect late afternoon to mid evening when they worked out early morning. In fact I noticed superior performance in everyone while lifting later in the day post WOD than early in the morning doing Bagwell style training. I've no guess as to what is going on but it works.

One thing I can tell you is that while the lifts go up the metcon stays high as well. That rest period between sessions mixed with the moderate to low volumes seems to be key.

Those are my observations as a coach.

Keep the WODs less than 20 minutes in duration but use relatively heavy weights. (I like to use % of BW) Keep the lifting sessions as heavy as possible but with a minimal volume as I said previously.

I think the issue is the thing that most people forget in their training regime, rest management. I'd have to say it's probably the most important aspect of ones performance and the least considered.

I also believe that there is a correlation between mean and peak power output during training sessions but I have no compiled numbers to make any valid arguments toward this. Theory is that there is more correlation between peak and mean daily power output vs rest activity during athletic performance than there is vs. say something like absolute/potential or maximal strength.
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