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Nathan Stanley
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Default IF Start and Question

I did the V-Diet for the past month and have now transitioned onto a IF regimen where I break my fast sometime around 6pm and have a feeding window of about 4 hours. I was going to do a slow transition off of the V-Diet but after delaying my first meal until noon my first day, I put off my first meal until 5 the second and have had no problems doing this. This was surprising since I had tried the Warrior diet approach and was miserable. I definately think the V-Diet made it easier on me.

I did my first fasted workout yesterday at about 1:30 pm. It was a GS style kettlebell workout w/a set of Jerks and Snatches. I felt no different, and performed no differently than I usually do. I had two shots of espresso afterward and had a fantastic time coaching football for the next three hours.

I do have a question that I'd like some advice on. On Fridays I coach games during the time I would normally eat. Should I just move my window forward or back to accomodate my schedule? Moving it up to between 1-5 is more convinient, but i'd move it back if that was better. Thoughts?
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