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Allen Yeh
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Originally Posted by Justin Fricke View Post
What does ZMA do? I used to take a lot of supplements when i was in the navy. I only new what they did because of Magazine articles. I have not taken any supplements for 3-4 years outside Protien. What are the most beneficial Supplements and Why? Where can i find good info on this subject? Thank you for the replies in advanced.
Read through the various different supplement threads in this section of the forum. There was a post last winter(?) that tabulated what everyone here took and did like a top 5 type thing.

Here are mine:

-Omega 3 (Fish oil, Flameout(what I personally take), krill oil) - To balance your omega intake as the average person has a very large amount of omega 6's in comparison to omega 3's. Omega 3's aid in decreasing inflammation in the body
-ZMA - Recovery aid. A good long thread on this a number of posts down.http://www.performancemenu.com/forum...read.php?t=127
-Whey protein powder - I still do the Post workout shake thing as well as I supplement my food intake some days with some whey if I didn't get as many grams of protein as I'm shooting for i.e. shake, mixing in with some yogurt..etc
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Mike ODonnell
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Allen is spot on with Fish Oil being #1 supplement (in my best Casey Casin voice).....ZMA is a great recovery tool (as in your don't recover, your performance and progress is lessened/decreases). The rest is up to you....Vit C I take as my antioxidant, Glutamine is great but $$$, Creatine can give you a boost in strength, Digestive Enzymes will help assimulate whole foods better, Probiotics are key to overall gut/body health...etc. Coffee is a must pre-workout supplement for me.

Keep in mind...quality whole foods is 95% of your results....Fish Oil is a must have nowadays....and the rest of the supplements may only give you a 2-3% boost in performance and results, but can end up being 90% of your budget! Spend your money first on food...and fish oil. (May want to also do a cycle of probiotics is you have done antibiotics recently)
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Justin Fricke
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Thank you for the replies everyone they are most helpful..
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