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Yvana van den Hork
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Oh boy. Conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius (Kelvin is OK too, but that's a bit too scientific): (97.3-32)/9 x 5 = 36.3. I've only started tracking morning temp since April and have only once seen it drop lower, which was when I was out for a weekend and felt as if I was freezing to death.

I'm not sure if subjective feelings of being cold = being really cold and vice versa. I'm not about to go and stick in a thermometer every time I feel cold.

Though I did see interesting things :
- feeling extremely cold a few hours after the 100g glucose tolerance test I did past Thursday
- feeling hot the night after overfeeding following a heavy workout
- not feeling as hot when I was eating at or below maintenance after a heavy workout
- not craving anything or feel cold a day after overfeeding versus craving carbs and cold when I wouldn't overfeed.

So, even while a strict IF isn't working as well for me , viz. extending the fast to over 15hrs doesn't seem to have a positive effect, some form of underfeeding on rest days versus overfeeding on workout days works miracles.

If we loosen the interpretation of IF and say that my 12hrs fast /10am breakfast / 6-8hrs fast / 4-6pm dinner / 10pm supper is also IF, then I'm golden.

Fruit is such an odd food item. Some people just get completely ravenous after eating fruit and even get hyperglycemic and cold (that's another explanation for the coldness), but I feel OK on it. Might be good to combine it with a bit of fat though.

Chris , I would wager to say that your FIL has ver stable blood sugar levels!
Contrarian and anti-KISS!
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