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Justin Fricke
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Default Qustion about IF and V-diet

What is the best way to start and what would it take as far as food and caloric intake for a 225lbs male and 170lbs female. I have been working out a long long time and just into Oly lifting in the last 3-4 years. what would a grocery list look like and what would a supplement list look like. is fish ok, Tuna? Chicken? Oatmeal? Dairy? my wif is aiming to lose weight 150ish i am wanting to lean out to 215-220
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Nathan Stanley
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Are you talking about doing a whole foods version of the V-Diet while starting to IF?

In regards to the V-Diet, there is a formula in Shugart's V-Diet articles on T-Nation that calculate calories for both men and women (I think there's a seperate article for women).

I did the V-Diet then transitioned to IF and have had no problems at all. I have one cup of coffee in the AM and then two shots of espresso after my PM workout and I feel really good. I currently am trying to eat a more Paleo diet, but I'm not all that hung up on it at this point. I think the V-Diet can be credited for making the transition onto IF seem relatively easy compared to what I've read in some online nutritional logs.
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