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Nathan Stanley
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Default Fitday, the Zone and IF

Okay, so I've been IFing for about two weeks now w/ fine results. I feel fine all day. My workouts have been good. I actually feel great in the afternoons after a workout that finishes at about 2:00 and not eating until 6:00 (I thought this would be a problem).

After transitioning to IF, I've tried to eat a relatively paleo diet, although I don't avoid dairy (I've cut it out and found no affect on weight or general wellbeing) and I try to put any less desirable foods late in my feeding window. In any case, I've decided to take the next step and try to hit the Zone ratios and eat 18 blocks during my feeding window.

Because I am a) lazy and not too interested in weighing stuff out and b) I eat one or two large meals over the course of two or three hours, I thought I would use Fit Day to try and see how my Zone ratios are doing. My results for yesterday were interesting: I took in 1508 calories (which is lower than what I should be getting) 86 grams of carbs (9.5 blocks) 124 grams of protein (18 blocks or a smidge under) and a whopping 77 grams of fat (51 blocks)!!!

Without too much detail I had a large garden salad w/a chicken breast, a few tomatoes, some more mixed greens, some of Scotty H's Chicken and Apple Hash (ground turkey actually) a peach, and some pistacios. I think Fitday over estimated the fat content of the ground turkey (very lean) and that might have put me way over in regards to fat.

In any case I picked up a food scale so I will probably be a little more accurate tonight. Just a footnote-I wasn't planning my meals in order to have a perfect 18 blocks. I wanted to see how close I was to the target ratios by just eating what I felt like. Tonight I'm going to try and even things out although I think we're eating lamb. Probably not the best to bring down the fat totals.
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