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Patrick Donnelly
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Default So... 1600m training...

The record at my high school is a 4:11.5, set 30 years ago by Billy Ledder. I'd like to change that.

Yeah, that's a ridiculous time. But I'd like to beat it, or at least try. Seems like it'd be fun. I'm very open to advice on training...

Where I stand now:
Age: 17 (18 on 11/17)
Sex: Male
Weight: 175#, ~10% bodyfat
Height: 6'1 (I'd rather say 6'2...)
Diet: Paleo w/ 6 hour feeding window
CFT: 590 (as of 7/28/2007)
Prior training:
- Cross Country when I was 15 and 16 years old (avg. 5k time: 22:00ish)
- began "working out" in Fall of 2006 when I turned 17
- began doing some psuedo-CrossFit workouts in Spring of 2007
- did strength training during June-July of 2008; first month was extremely unsuccessful until I cleaned up my program; second month was good, but only showed major gains in higher rep maxes
- CrossFit and ME lifting during August and September with weekly 5k's done for Cross Country training

This Cross Country season, I'm getting times on par with previous years... Though, I'm 1000x more fit overall. I've pretty much accepted that I won't get any blazing times, though in hindsight I would have been better off filling June-July '07 with MetCon, 1-2k intervals, 3k sprints, and 5k runs. My last race for the season is on 10/27/07. I'll stick with the team until then.

I've come to the conclusion that I am extremely slow-twitch dominant. Extremely. As an example: I tested my 1RM pull-up yesterday. I came out to 60 pounds... Which I had back in May (bodyweight 165# too). Though in the past two months, my 3RM pull-up has gone from about 30 to 40, making slow, but steady, gains each week. There is also the summer strength training I did, where my 2RM backsquat was 195#, my 1RM backsquat was also 195#, and my deadlift 1RM increased a whopping 5# (to 280#).

That isn't necessarily bad though... Just means I have to realize that when I'm trying to determine how to train.

Current 1600m: 6:15 (ran in early August, when I had NO conditioning... Not really "current.")
Current 400m: 1:03-1:06 (ran recently; these need to get down to about 0:53 to beat 4:11.5.)

I'll try to update soon with a new 1600m time and with a "fastest decently sustainable pace" for both time kept up and distance covered.

Where I want to stand:
On the other side of the finish line, in under 4:11.5.

Starting in November I'm going to begin training specifically to reach that goal. Even though it seems counterintuitive to running, I think I may also try to gain an additional 15-25 pounds, seeing as how I am still extremely scrawny, even at my weight. As long as I get strength/explosiveness to go with the bodyweight, there should be no issue.

Mon: Push ME lifting + Tabata
Tue: Rest
Wed: 4x400m + Power-Biased MetCon (eg. 9x5 heavy Fran, or interval Murph)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Pull ME lifting + Tabata
Sat: 1600m + MetCon in the 4-10 minute range.
Sun: Rest
*** ME days will be sort of an imitation of the P-Menu Mass Gain Template. 1-2 upper body exercises and 1 lower body, done in a SetxRep scheme of something like 6x6, 5x7, or maybe even 5x8... Remember, I don't gain well at the lower rep maxes, and for 1600m training, maybe I wouldn't even want to.
*** The tabata interval will be a rotation between: push-ups, squats, GHD sit-ups, rowing, box jumps, push-press, bench press, front squats, pull-ups, hang power clean. Feel free to offer other things that you think may be "fun."

Once I am no longer trying to gain any mass...
Day 1: ME Push + Tabata
Day 2: 1x800m + Regular MetCon 4-10 minute range
Day 3: PB MetCon
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: ME Pull + Tabata
Day 6: 2x400m + Regular MetCon 4-10 minute range
Day 7: 1600m
Day 8: Rest
*** ME days would probably be in the 4-6 rep range.

I have PLENTY of equipment at home with which to train, though since I train outside, I'm not sure how that'll work in the winter... I don't mind the cold (good lung training!), but snow could be an issue (warm-up: shovel patio for time!). There is also my high school which has a track and decently equipped weight room.

I also normally get plenty of sleep... Though, it's 1:38 AM right now... Fell asleep this afternoon for a few hours... Which reminds me, I've got some questions about naps, but I really should hold them off for later. G'night.
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