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Casey Williams
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Default Olympic Weightlifting Books

I know that getting a coach is the best way to train for learning the olympic lifts....i was interested in getting some feedback on a couple of books. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia, and the second being Tommy Kono's book. Im asking because i see that one can pick up "TWE" on amazon for about $20.00 used and they also have a dvd for around $30.00. Tommy Kono's book is around $45.00 dollars now from what is website says...tommykono.com. That seems pretty expensive. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
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Bill Ripley
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I would start with Newton's book.............


It's much better than either of the ones you mentioned for beginners IMO.

Kono's book is great, but a great deal of it is about his weightlifting career.

TWE is just that, an encyclopedia. It's very dense and I have yet to get all the way through it.
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Chris Rice
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The World Class Coaching videos are pretty good also, especially the snatch one. I'm not sure where to get them now though.
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John Alston
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Best Free Book: Dan John's "From the Ground Up" - danjohn.org
Totally worth it, even at 10x the price. Seriously, it's a great book.

I also think Tommy Kono's book is excellent. I bought it from him (hey, support the greats!) and loved it. I have been training for about a year with coaches, but I still found his book immediately helpful, useful, and just full of great stuff. Efficient and enjoyable to read.
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