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Steve Shafley
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Some other comments on comments:

Mike: I'm not sure if I noticed that while doing it, but on reflection, I think there might have been something like that going on.

Elliot: It's very cool to have Gary as a coach...invaluable. Good stuff from him.

Johnathan: I'm always looking at combos and complexes, both to increase the density of the workout, and to intensify it, but this was something I'd never thought of. Once I heard about it, it sounded great. Sean Langford does straight sets of the complex at a certain weight, I just kept bumping the weight up to find my limits for the day.

Dave: Thanks. I try not to say I can do something unless I can offer either witnesses, competition results, or video. The videos (and there are around 11 up of assorted things) help motivate me and keep me honest.

Pierre: I'm not sure why it won't load for you. Youtube is goofy sometimes.
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