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Troy Archie
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All I can post is what's been working for me as of late. I agree with everything that Mike says, especially about the having a life part. Not having to tote around a ton of food like a maniac is grand.

I fast about 18-20hours a day, sans Sunday. The fast ends pre-workout, in which I have a huge protein/fat/veggie meal about an hour before my workout. Lift hard, lift heavy and then have a PWO carb/protein meal with something like squash or yams as my carb source and a bunch of veggies.

My plan is set around trying to get all of my calories and have a workout within the same time frame, usually 4 hours. Seems to be working so far. I've been finding I need less food doing this, my recovery is up, the bar keeps getting heavier and my BF% isn't going thru the roof. I'm doing Starting Strength 5x3 template 3 days a week and nothing else except the odd wall climb.

Off the top Eric, the only thing that I can say is stop doing so much. IF does have a factor in it but I think your activity level has more to do with it. I also think there comes a time when you have to look at your goals and address them one at a time not mixing them into a big pot and hoping for the best. Right now my goals are strength, size, power and nothing but. I'm willing to but some kg's on and let my BF% increase a bit because I know in the long run it'll be for the best health, performance, longevity and quality of life wise. Another CF'er asked me, "is being 5'-11" and 150-155lbs healthy?"

I would love to be able to put 25lbs lean mass on, while increasing my squat/presses and at the same time keep my metabolic conditioning up but it just isn't going to happen for me and probably +95% of the population out there.
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