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Patrick Donnelly
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Default Double-Checking

- Eat a small snack pre-workout meal (breaking a 16 hour intermittent fast), made of mostly protein and some fat.
- Eat a post-workout meal 1-2 hours after finishing, with ~75% of your daily carbohydrates in it using high-GI fruit. The rest of the carbohydrates in the day should be vegetables/nuts. No fat in the post-workout meal.
- Eat a crapload of fat for your extra calories, as long as it does not make you crap a load. A few tablespoons of olive oil between meals will do it.
- Gain at a rate of ~1 pound a week.
- Eat clean. (Damn you, Halloween temptations! )
- 8+ hours of sleep each night.

Is there anything I'm completely wrong on or anything very important I omitted?
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