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Max Murphy
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Default Murphy's intro to Oly Log.

Workout 1

I will eventually drop the reps and up the weight. Right now I'm trying to get some sort of form and make sure I'm flexible enough just to do the movements. I noticed last night at the bottom of my front squats my hips hurt. It wasn't bad I just want to get the right areas loose enough that I don't hurt something.

Last nights workout was good. My ego took a hit because of the light weights but I'm trying to not let that bother me. It went like this:

5 minutes on a row machine to warm up

Military press

2x10 with the bar
2x10 @ 95
2x8 @ 95 (I had some pain in my left shoulder)

Sumo deads
2x10 135
2x10 225 (I liked the sumo stance, I've never tried it before)

Front squats
2x10 with the bar
4x10 with 95 (I moved slow and controlled, tried to focus on pushing with my heels rather than my toes, and going ATG)

I could actually feel almost instantaneously if I pushed with my toes. My knees would let me know real quick. The good news is this morning my knees have no pain what so ever. I think I'm going to stay with these weights for the rest of this week, I might up the deads, they felt easy.

I'm thinking about keeping a log here. I like PM because it's not covered with tester logs, hormone cycles, and hype over the newest coolest whatever supplement. If any one is interested let me know and I'll set it up. I'll probably do it anyway just because the wealth of knowledge here. I'll gladly take any feed back given.

I'm happy with my first semi-Oly workout.
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