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Jay Cohen
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Default Eating enough in my feed window

I'm doing pretty good on IF'ing from 6:00 PM to 12 noon. When I get home for lunch, pretty hungry. Eat about 800-1000 calories, 55% fat, 35 P and 10 ish carbs. I make/pack a second meal to eat around 4-4:30, but either find myself not real hungry or on M/W/F, I have Oly practice at 6, so I really don't want to eat another 800-1000 calories. Now, if I wasn't lifting, then I'd eat around 5:30, no problem.

Before IF'ing, I was averaging about 1600-1800 cals per day and feeling good, BUT, I want to get stronger, hence need to eat more food. I down loaded Robb and Gregs Mass gain article and it's mentioned that I should increase cals by 1k, which freaked me out, but willing to add at least 500 per day.

How do I add the extra calories, but still get the benefits of IF'ing. I guess I could expand my eating window?

Open to all ideas and comments.

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