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sarena kopciel
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Default IF and Type 2 diabetes

Hi, I am a CFer for a year now. I am a formerly fat/obese woman who was at one point 225#. I exercised, dieted but all the wrong way. Within months of following CF and adjusting my nutrition to being a carnivore (from 14yr veg), adopting zone/paleo principles I am now 138# (225 was several yrs ago) with abt 18.5%bf! I look great and feel great and at 45 just became a grandma which no one can believe!!
I am a obsessive compulsive type though. I was recently overseas for the birth of grandbaby for 10days, ate solely paleo without regard to portions and only CFed 2x but did walk abt 5-10mi daily and schlepped a lot up several floors too. Basically worked without exercising. Point being my weight dropped a bit--perhaps lost muscle?
Am thinking to start IFing since I am so fed up with weighing and measuring constantly but am diagnosed with type2 diabetes which is totally controlled with lifestyle modifications. I know if I go too long w/out eating I get headaches. What would your thoughts be on my trying IF? I vary my workouts time wise but its usually either at 7am or 1230pm. I also teach CF and yoga to spec ed kids 2x week, full days from 830-230. And then I also teach 2 yoga class a week. I am constantly busy and feel currently that I need food a bit before workouts to keep me functioning and sane.
looking forward to your response!
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