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Anton Emery
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Default Scheduling S&C work along with BJJ practice

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking lately on how to effectively organize my strength and conditioning work, plus my BJJ practice. Right now my BJJ schedule looks something like this

Sunday 2 hr open mat
Monday 1.5 hour bjj class
Tuesday 1.5 hour bjj class
Thurs 1.5 hour bjj class

Sometimes i will skip monday or tuesday, but most weeks i try to go that much. Open mat is free time, usually we just end up rolling a bunch of 4-5 minute rounds with breaks in between.

In addition to this i like to work my strength and conditioning as well. I have been following a model similar to what Ross Enamait lays out in Infinite Intensity, four days a week training strength and conditioning. They are:

Heavier weighted conditioning
Max Strength
lighter GPP, something bodyweight based
Explosive Strength

My question is how to fit this all together. I am able to workout on my lunch hour, so sometimes i do that and then go to BJJ at night. My workout usually takes anywhere from 30 min to an hour, and gets done around 1:00. BJJ starts in the evening around 6:00. Sometimes in evening class i feel fine, but if it was a hard conditioning workout in the afternoon alot of times i am still kind of drained. I usually sleep 7-8 hours a night.

I am thinking i have a few options. One is stop or really limit the two a day workouts. Perhaps something like below.

Sunday GPP Morning 2 hr open mat Evening
Monday 1.5 hour bjj class
Tuesday 1.5 hour bjj class
Wednesday: Heavier conditioning, something like CF's Fran or Ross's Magic 50
Thurs 1.5 hour bjj class
Friday: Maximal Strength
Saturday: Off
Sunday GPP morning 2 hr open mat evening
Monday 1.5 hour bjj class
Tuesday 1.5 hour bjj class
Wednesday Explosive Strength

The above schedule takes me longer to cycle through the four S&C workouts. Plus maybe i dont get enough rest days.

Another option would be to stick to the two a days and make sure i get adequate off days. Perhaps something like:

Sunday 2 hr open mat
Monday Weighted Conditioning 1.5 hour bjj class Evening
Tuesday Max Strength Afternoon 1.5 hour bjj class Evening
Wednesday Off
Thurs GPP Afternoon 1.5 hour bjj class Evening
Friday Off
Saturday Explosive Strength

Another option is perhaps dropping a workout during the week, perhaps my monday BJJ class or a conditioning workout or explosive strength.

I'd be interested to see how other grapplers schedule their training.

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