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Frank Needham
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Clarification, I'm not considering any metcon but instead adding a lift day for a total of 4 days per week.
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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Greg Everett
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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
Greg, during this year, how many times a week have you been lifting? Would you mind putting down a few words on what your program is, how long you intend to follow it, and what motivated you to stop Xfit and concentrate on O lifts?
I stopped CF because I missed competitive athletics, chose O-lifting, and CF interfered. CF is kind of cool, but I was frustrated by the lack of purpose.

I train 5 days/week, all olympic lifting. At times, I train twice a day on 2-3 of those days. I train 1hr BJJ 1X week, really only working technique, no conditioning.

One of the best cycles I've done I built around the Hatch squat cycle (12 weeks). Looked basically like this:

1. Hatch squat 1
2. Snatch pulls 3 x 3 (100%-115%)
3. Snatch push press 5 x 5
4. deadhang pull-ups, 30-50 total
5. core/neck work

1. alternate weekly between Snatch balance to heavy single, and snatch push press + opverhead squat
2. power clean 5 x 2, medium weight, working speed
3. weighted pull-ups 10 x 3
4. core/neck work

1. Rack jerk to heavy single
2. power snatch 5 x 2 medium weight, working speed
3. KB snatch some weeks
4. core work

1. hatch squat 2
2. clean pulls 3 x 3 (100-115%)
3. push press 5 x 5
4. kipping pull-ups, 30-50 total
5. core work


Snatch to max for the day
Clean and Jerk to max for the day
maybe some light core work/pull-ups


Now with that cycle, when I could on Mon/Thu, I would squat in the morning and do the rest at night. Sometimes I would also do the push presses in the morning. Doing the hatch squats, pulls and presses all in one session was hellish.

That cycle was 12 weeks long and I made some huge gains in all my lifts. The Hatch program is a bitch, but it works extremely well. I plan to cycle back onto it soon.

For the last several weeks, Burgener and I have been experimenting with more of a Bulgarian approach. Still train 5X week, twice daily on 2-3 days. Basically just squatting, snatching and CJing. Some rack jerks and snatch balances, snatch push pres + overhead squats also. Typical format is work up to a max on the lift for the day, then drop to 90% for a single, then 85% for 3 singles. Sometimes do a bunch of singles, sometimes do a bunch of doubles. It's a very taxing approach--you're burned out neurologically most of the time, exhausted, and the joints take a beating (for me, the wrists and elbows in particular--knees have held up fine). I have made gains in my squats, cleans and push presses on this cycle, but have been 5kg short of my best snatch throughout, which is not surprising considering the workload. Keep in mind too I do a lot of recovery work, e.g. get into a freezing swimming pool every night after training (47 degrees last night) for 10-15 min, then hot shower, foam roll as much as possible, get soft tissue work on my calves, peroneals, forearms and ITBs 2-3 days/week at PT (I train the office manager, so I get to go for free), and chiro 1X week. Without that stuff, I don't know how well I would hold up.

I think it works well, but it will take a while for me to really adjust to it, and we'll have to wait until a peaking phase to really see what kind of results it produces.

Hope that gives a good idea.
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Frank Needham
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Thanks for answering my questions. That looks like a tough program and the time it must take is scary. Its always interesting to see where othes are going with their goals. I'm going to stick with SS and toss in some other lifts, maybe on an extra day and monitor my progress. Rip says that the basic program he's put together should cover a novice up through about 6 months, which is good with me since I've not worked out seriously in several years.
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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