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Chris Tracy
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Things are getting little better every day. Dairy, Soy and nightshades have been removed from mom's diet and after years of trying to get her on fish oils- she's doing it! We brough in a breast feeding consultant to help increase the milk production and that is slowly improving- still need to add some formula to keep the kid from being on the boob 24x7. Using the feed for 10 minutes, burp him, and repeat method. Gas is the issue, he's always grunting. I'll try the rotating positions method, the gas drops and gripe water didn't seem to help. The funny thing is that I was told to "fart" the kid (lol!) by moving his legs in a bicycle motion and it seems to help and keeps my spirits up at 3am!

I appreciate the information and support.
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Eric Kerr
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Good to hear that things are going better, Chris.

My wife has had success increasing her milk supply with Mother's Milk Tea, which was recommended to her by another breastfeeding mother.



Also the occassional O'Douls also helps increase her milk output.

We've got a grunty gassy baby too (although things have been better lately as we've worked out some of these strategies). Bicycling does help. We have some silly version called Booddle Heimer, but basically the same thing.

Tummy massages also help. Lightly circling your baby's gut in a clockwise direction.

My wife's aunt who is an emergency room nurse says mother's come in all the time with babies that are just gassy. They gel up a small hollow tube and insert in rectum. Poof, literally. Happy baby. (Don't know the exact procedure and materials, but I can ask if you want the details). A rectal thermometer can also be used in a pinch.

Babies need so much food and are growing so fast, their guts are never really in equilibrium for long.
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sarena kopciel
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My daughter in law is having some difficulty with her milk supply as well. My friend who is a lay midwife has recommended products from Wish Garden Herbs. She said their products are extremely good and safe for pregnancy/lactation!

Best of luck!
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Garrett Smith
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Nice. I'll have to remember the "baby vent" when the time comes...
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