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Tony Ferous
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Default Stock up on wild salmon!

This is pretty sad.

Extinction threat to wild salmon
By Helen Briggs
Science and nature reporter, BBC News

Animals like bears rely on pink salmon
Wild salmon on Canada's west coast are being driven to extinction by parasites from nearby fish farms, a study claims.

Wild pink salmon around the Broughton Archipelago are declining rapidly and will die out within 10 years if no action is taken, say researchers.

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Jordan Glasser
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I'm not sure I'd bet the farm quite yet.

"It means that the probability of extinction is 100% and the only question is how long it is going to take," he told BBC News.

That's one hell of a bold statement with absolutely no numbers to back it up. That's not to say that there hasn't been research to draw conclusions, but, it's a statement that can never be validated, so why make it. It's a foregone conclusion that SOMETHING will be done within 10 years. Not to mention, there's one hell of a chance that the species themselves may adapt to survive.

Another note to mention is the amount of fishing that still occurs on the westcoast of canada/usa. I have friends that either are involved in salmon sport fishing lodges, or commercial fishing. And although numbers have declined in some years, they have also seen increases in others.

I truly believe that many of the fresh seafood stocks are in decline, I won't dispute that, but, not buying that I won't be able to eat wild salmon within 10 years. I see thousands of them making it upstream to spawn within minutes from my house every fall. When it comes to protecting our resources, i am down for the cause, but the amount of unsubstantiated claims to scare the general public about the environment is becoming a little much. IMO.
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Scott Kustes
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And wouldn't stocking up exaccerbate the issue?

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Mike ODonnell
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I got enough mercury....I just eat beef and take some fish oil.
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Garrett Smith
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Just stay strong so that you're able to secure salmon when the supplies do get low...

Man, survival of the "fittest" is going to be a bitch for the human race when it comes...
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