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Mike Dykstra
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In soccer to build up speed and endurance we do way more sprints than long distance running. We rarely ran more than a 5k.
An example would be tabata style sprints. 250m to 500m sprint 10x. Each sprint has to be under a minute and the only rest is the time you have left from the minute. at sprint number 4 you get an extra 20 secs of rest and at 8 you get an extra 30 seconds of rest.
Another good one that we did after the tabata type one or alone is if you have a field. You jog 4 sides of the field then next lap you sprint 1 side then jog 3, then sprint 2 jog 2, sprint 3 jog 1, sprint 4 2x. Then if you really want you go in reverse back to 1.
I have a bunch more work outs like this if you are interested.
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