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Old 12-27-2007, 07:35 AM   #10
Garrett Smith
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All wounds (especially puncture-type wounds like laparoscopy) cause scarring, all that is different is the extent. All scars are weaker than original patent tissues, so yes, the surgery absolutely weakened the abdominal musculature in that area. Of that I have little doubt.

Your certainty in what could or could not be causing the pain is something I deal with a lot with conventional medicine. I often get patients who have hunches about what might be causing their pain, their doctors tell them that there is no way their idea is correct, yet when they come to me and I start treating their hunch, they get better and wonder why their doctors wouldn't listen to them. Congratulations, you're fitting the mold.

Intuition is a powerful thing. Too many people throw it away. I, on the other hand, get information many other doctors don't get by asking patients about their "hunches" on their health issues.

It's mostly a burning sensation down the bottom of my stomach, just above the pubic bone very much towards my right side. Like someone jabbing me there with a red hot poker. It's localised and is exactly where I'd imagine my appendix to be (or have formally been, I had it removed nearly 5 years ago)
I'd also imagine the sensation of a red hot poker being jabbed into the abdomen would be EXACTLY like the sensation he would have felt had he not been anesthetized for the surgical procedure. Whether you believe it or not, there is memory in the tissues.

If I were to treat the scar with neural therapy and all the symptoms disappeared, what would you say then?

Basically, nothing you just brought forth changes or discounts anything I have brought up, and I'm not too familiar with the radiation pattern (extremely localized to one point in the right iliac/hypogastric nowhere near the epigastric area) you appear to be suggesting.

Declan, I wish you the best of luck in resolving this issue. Feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss further options. I actually just thought of a homeopathic remedy that fits this picture pretty well, if you'd like to talk about that as well, give my office a call and schedule a half hour.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
RepairRecoverRestore.com - Blood, Saliva, and Stool Testing
My radio show - The Path to Strength and Health
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