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Mike Shaw
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Default Controlling the Chaos

It's ON!!!! 08 has arrived an goals are in mind....

I have posted previously with accurate description's of food intakes and the problems encountered with being stuck in limbo - minimal mass gain, minimal strength gain's and general disillusioned sense of self.

For those interested

Now im taking the time to accurately record and publicly post intake and output in the hope that someone (or myself) will see any holes in my training and help me achieve what is currently out of reach.....

Hopefully this will also help any other's in my situation..... Please post questions or thoughts as I value all forms of feedback..... Cheers

Last Max Effort Lifts were as follows:

Deadlift 135kg
Backsquat 90kg
Standing press 60kg
Total 285kg / 627 pnds

Male, 24yrs, 183cm, 79kg - Training for GPP, Strength against BJJ players, self confidence boosting physique and general times when you need to lift a car of a little old lady (though not with my deadlift #'s anytime soon )

Wednesday 2nd January 2008 -
(Had a bad fuelled couple of weeks off (work, diet, training) so will taper back into full schedule these next few weeks.......

AM workouts are done with coffee in hand straight from Bed, PM workout's are done approx 7pm

3 x 5 dead hang chins
3 x 5 dead hang wide grip pulls
3 x 10 15kg laying down Dumbell press (active shoulder recovery)
3 x 8 Hanging leg raises - feet to cieling

Coffee w 2 sugars
4 eggs
Tea w 1 sugar

chicken medium
2 x cups broccoli
1/2 bottle chicken tonight sauce
1 x fig
splash olive oil
1 x cup OJ

100g silverside beef
1 plum
1 orange
15 macadamia's

2 Glasses ginger beer

200g steak
medium sweet potato

300ml full cream milk
10,000mg fish oil
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